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Twosisters The Label Best Selling Styles

July 06, 2021

There are hundreds of designs on our website which can make choosing the perfect dress for your special event a little overwhelming. So, we thought we’d help you out and give you a run down of our best-selling styles so that you can start with the best of the best when choosing your special dress.

Khaleesi Dress

Is there any surprise that the Khaleesi dress is top of this list?

The Khaleesi dress is an OG Twosisters The Label design and has been on our website for over 4 years. We stock the Khaleesi in 23 colours, so we know there’s something for everyone, (and we’re actually releasing a new colour very shortly!)

We’ve seen the Khaleesi dress being worn to multiple events. From birthdays, to weddings, to graduation ceremonies. The Khaleesi dress is also one of our most popular choices for brides AND bridesmaids. It’s such a versatile style, so we can absolutely see why it’s a top pick for so many!

We also have a mini version of the Khaleesi dress called the Laurie, which we have linked here.

Piper Dress

Twosisters The Label are known for our lace dresses and the Piper dress was one of our first styles we ever released that wasn’t lace and we haven’t looked back since!

This flattering design was a sell-out style when we first launched it and continues to sell quickly whenever it gets restocked.

We love the Piper dress because it’s a style that’s easy to dress up for a special occasion but can also be worn more casual for a less formal occasion. It’s also so easy to pair with a coat for the cooler months.

An equally popular style is our spring/summer take on the Piper dress, the Pip, a sleeveless version of the Piper dress (click here for the Pip), so whatever the weather or occasion, the Piper and Pip have got you covered!

Rivers Midi Dress

The Rivers Midi dress is another classic Twosisters The Label style that has really stood the test of time and earns its reputation for being a wardrobe staple.

We like to say that the Rivers Midi is a “guest” dress. The perfect style to wear to a wedding, a christening or a party. For an occasion that’s a little more conservative, this style also pairs well with a blazer.

This high-neck midi style has proven to be a timeless piece that can be pulled from your wardrobe again and again and again. Trust us when we say that this will become a go-to dress for special occasions!

If you haven’t noticed a trend here yet, yes, we do also have the Rivers Midi dress in a mini version here!

Brienne Dress

The Brienne is another classic formal style for those who may prefer something a little more understated than lace.

Crafted from a heavy fabric that offers some stretch and support, this dress is both beautiful and comfortable to wear.

The Brienne is another style that has been a popular choice for bridesmaids, but we’ve also seen many brides pick the Brienne for their courthouse weddings or signing ceremonies.

The best thing about the Brienne is because it’s such an understated design, you can style this any way you like with hair, makeup, heels and an OTT bouquet if you’re getting married in it!

The Brienne is available to purchase in 8 colours (and more coming soon!) here.

Gail/Elena Dress

Rounding out our top 5 best-selling dresses is the Gail/Elena dress!

Contrary to their different names, the Gail and Elena dresses are the exact same style of dress crafted in different prints.

This style has been particularly popular with mums who are expecting as the massive amount of stretch in this dress makes it the perfect style for growing bumps, which is especially important in your last trimester when you just don’t know how much your bump will grow week to week!

This dress isn’t just for expecting mothers though! This style is also perfect for spring when we finally get to shed our winter layers and bust out the florals!

If a mini isn’t your style, we also have the Ena dress, a midi version of this style here.