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Fashion Chats With Steph Philip

October 08, 2020

Say hello to Steph - a Melbourne based, dirty chai drinker, lover of fashion and mental health advocate.

Steph began creating content as a hobby whilst she was studying. She always loved fashion and photography, so being able to combine both was a great outlet and avenue to express herself.

Outside of creating fashion content on Instagram, she works in the mental health space and will be starting her Clinical Master’s in psychology next year.

How would you describe your style?

If I could sum it up in two words, it would be… “ever evolving”.

I’m constantly exploring new trends, new vibes and new ways to express myself.

Depending on the day of the week, I tend to go from super eccentric, to tomboy, to girly girl, to hipster!

Who or what inspires your style and how do you keep things fresh?

I like to keep things fresh by finding new ways to style existing pieces that I have in my closet! Making the most of your wardrobe is key – so if you have an item that you can style multiple ways, you’re onto a winner.

I’m inspired by brands that do good! I’m working towards being a more ethical consumer, so I love to support brands that uphold ethical and sustainable practices, like Twosisters The Label.

What are three must have pieces in your wardrobe?

Staples, staples, staples! 

For me, it’s important to have pieces that you can wear again and again, and that can be dressed up and down.

So, my must haves are quite simple; a good pair of denim jeans, a cute blazer and a good pair of boots. It’s not about the size of your wardrobe, but what you can do with the pieces you do have!

What is one fashion rule that you always follow and one that you think is meant to be broken and why? 

My ultimate fashion rule is that you should only wear items that make you feel good!

The perception or rule that you can’t re-wear an item twice/multiple times is one that needs to go! Over time, we’ve developed an underappreciation for our belongings, especially our clothing. I believe it’s important to value the threads in our closets, and to bring them out over and over. It’s all about styling the same pieces in different ways! #reweardontcare

What is your favourite thing about Twosisters The Label?

Well that’s easy… the QUALITY!

Honestly, the quality of each garment is second to none. The dresses that I have are some of the most beautiful pieces in my wardrobe. They’re the kind of styles that will be in my wardrobe forever.

I also love Twosisters The Label because of their conscious efforts to be ethical and sustainable.

I have a great admiration for the fact that they pay their workers a living wage (rather than minimum wage), have biodegradable packing, are moving towards not using any single use plastics, endeavour to ensure that their factory abides by legislation regarding waste disposal, and have plans to implement further initiatives to mitigate waste.

Do you have a favourite dress from us?

The floral Brady Dress is my most favourite Twosisters The Label piece! It will forever be a vibe and can easily be dressed both up and down. It has the most stunning strappy back, and gorgeous embroidery. I love to pair it with nude heels, or a pair of connies!

What are your tips for styling an outfit for a casual occasion?

I personally love styling dresses, skirts and sets with sneakers – like the Nike Airforce’s or a cute pair of Converses’.

Layering outfits with jackets (e.g. denim or leather) and various cute hats is also a go – to for me!

How do you take your outfits from day to night?

It’s all about swapping out the accessories, or layers!

For example, choosing to wear a dress with a pair of sneakers, denim jacket and a cute cap during the day, and opting for a pair of heels, a blazer and a pretty headband in the evenings. Two very different looks, one main piece!