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Fashion Chats With Jessica Suwita

September 24, 2020

26 year old fashion blogger Jessica Suwita was born in Bandung, Indonesia. While her day (or night!) job sees her working as a chef at an upscale restaurant in Adelaide, Australia, she also creates fashion content on her Instagram @jessicasuwita.

Jess has loved the fashion industry since she was a child because it gave her a platform to express her creativity and she hopes to one day, work in fashion.

Her Instagram page began as a hobby; she just wanted a platform where she could share all the things she's loving with her friends and followers. Since then, Jess has worked on creating content with Australian brands like Twosisters The Label, Alya Skin and Azor Goods.

Aside from fashion, Jess spends her free time cooking, playing sport and working out. We recently sat down with her to chat all things fashion. 

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is neutral and minimal.

I love to pair staple pieces with denim, leather, sneakers and/or heels.

I am all about keeping things simple and comfortable, but still chic.

Who or what inspires you and how do you keep your look(s) fresh?

To be honest, there isn’t a specific person who inspires my style. Instead, I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. I follow so many creatives on Instagram who all have their own unique style, so I try to incorporate different style elements that I like in with my own style.

I don’t place a huge importance on keeping up with trends either. I tend to pick pieces that I love and that fit me well.

I think that having staple pieces in your wardrobe really encourages to you be creative when it comes to styling. It almost forces you to keep things fresh because you’re constantly thinking of new ways to pair your basics. For example, a white shirt can be paired with different bottoms, outerwear, shoes, accessories, etc to create different looks.

What are three must have pieces in your wardrobe?

My 3 must have’s are:

 A white shirt/tee. These can be paired with anything and you can create so many looks from this one staple.

A good pair of denim jeans. Denim is easy to dress up or down, so is versatile for a multitude of occasions.

Finally, a leather jacket, because every girl needs a bit of that rock and roll!

How do you like to style dresses for casual days?

Throw on a white tee under a dress, or wear a shirt as outerwear, on top of your dress.

Also, don’t be afraid to pair your dresses with sneakers or boots!

What is the best way to take a look from day to night?

Slip out of flats and into heels and add some statement accessories to your look.

Also, don’t forget that different makeup can completely change your look! Go for something a little bolder, like a red lip or heavier eye makeup to elevate your look for the night-time.

What accessories should every girl have in her wardrobe?

My must have accessories are statement jewellery and a watch. The perfect finishing touch to any look!

What is one fashion “rule” that you always follow and one that you think is meant to be broken?

One rule that I always follow is to invest in high quality basics because they are the foundation of so many looks.

A rule that I break (and think should be broken!) is not mixing metals when it comes to accessorising! I honestly don’t get why this is a thing, because I think gold and silver jewellery can complement each other perfectly when done right!

How do you deal with days when you feel like you have nothing to wear?

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t had a day like this!

On these days, I dive into my closet to find something I haven’t worn in awhile and style that with something new that I’ve recently bought, just to change things up!

What do you like about Twosisters The Label?

The number one thing I love about Twosisters The Label is the sizing. I’m really petite, so finding a mini dress that actually fits me as a mini is really challenging, but my dresses from Twosisters The Label always fit me perfectly!

The other thing I love is the detailing in every dress. There is so much beautiful detail in every piece!

I also love that a lot of the pieces have so much versatility, so you can dress it up or down for different occasions.

What is your favourite Twosisters The Label piece that you've worn and why?

I’m going to have to say the Aspen knit is my favourite. It kept me warm all winter and was so super soft! I wish I had a blanket made from the same material!