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Twosisters The Label: As Seen On You

August 10, 2020

One of the best things about what we do is having the privilege of dressing women for all those special moments in their lives. From birthdays spent amongst good company to weddings and all the fun stuff in between, we are truly humbled to have been part of so many special moments marked in the most magical of ways. It is a privilege that we will never take for granted because the ability to make another woman feel beautiful means a lot to us here at the Twosisters The Label team.

We love being a part of your special moments, so we wanted to find a way to share your beauty and confidence with other women on our platform. This brings us to our customer blog post series. We hope you enjoy reading about our extended family in Twosisters The Label dresses as much as we do! So pour a hot drink, put your feet up for 5 minutes and get inspired by our Twosisters in real life #TwosistersIRL.

Hope - Medindie dress, navy - size 6

Where did your wear dress to?

I wore this beautiful dress to a wedding in New Zealand.

Why did you pick this style?

I chose the Medindie because the style was perfect for the cooler weather. The long sleeves kept me warm and I love an open back dress! I felt stunning in it!

I felt so confident and sophisticated while wearing the Medindie dress! Multiple people commented on how gorgeous the dress was and I couldn’t find a single fault with it. I love the lace, the colour and honestly just felt stunning wearing it. It was also the most comfortable dress that I’ve danced in, which was great because there was a lot of dancing at the wedding!

Jami – Riverdale dress, wine - size 6

Where did you wear your dress to?

I wore it to my aunt’s wedding in San Diego

Why did you pick this style?

I chose this style because I thought it would be perfect for the weather in San Diego and the colour was perfect for a fall wedding.

I loved the dress and got so many compliments while wearing it! It was super comfortable, and I didn’t have to worry about the dress riding up while dancing.

Drew – Willow set, yellow - size 10

Where did you wear your dress to?

I wore it to a wedding in Sicily

Why did you pick this style?

It was perfect for a summer wedding in Italy!

The Willow is such a flattering set and I felt so confident and summery while wearing this! I had so many compliments and everyone thought I bought it in Europe because it suited the vibe so well! I also danced all night in the set and felt so comfortable!

Lucy – Leanne dress, steele blue - size 10

Where did you wear your dress to?

I wore the dress to a friend’s wedding

Why did you pick this style?

A friend of mine had purchased the Leanne in mustard and I loved it so much I bought one for myself!

So many people came up to me to say the dress was gorgeous! I felt so pretty wearing it, and as an extra treat, I got my hair and makeup done as well.  I danced all night in the dress, although the heels definitely came off by the end of the night!

Jess – Willow set, purple - size 14

Where did you wear your dress to?

I wore it to a garden party at my grandma’s house

Why did you pick this style?

I love a two-piece set and fell in love with the beautiful pastel colours. I found that it fit my body shape well and it’s such a timeless design. It’s also perfect to wear in the autumn!

I’m currently focusing on my personal fitness journey and this dress made me feel really positive and good about myself

Kiesha – Khaleesi dress, mustard - size 10

Where did you wear your dress to?

I wore the Khaleesi dress to my engagement party

Why did you pick this style?

I’m obsessed with the colour mustard, and I was so happy to find a classy, but modern dress in this colour. I also thought the style was really unique and loved the detail in the material.

I felt incredible in the dress and it fit so perfectly with our theme. I received so many compliments and felt so comfortable in the dress. It still looked great even after too many wines and when the shoes came off to dance the night away!

I usually wear a size 10 – 12 to accommodate for a bigger bust. The size 10 in this was perfect thanks to the beautiful tie up back.

I loved the Khaleesi so much that I’m planning on having my bridesmaids wear the dress in white next year for our wedding!